1. You may register for the Fiction WORKSHOP (Chris Abani), the Speculative Fiction WORKSHOP (Mary Robinette Kowal), or the Poetry WORKSHOP (Morgan Parker), which also gives you access to all classes, panels, readings and receptions. For the workshops, you will need to submit a writing sample for admission, as well as a manuscript to distribute for a group discussion (you may submit one manuscript for both purposes if you wish).

2. The other way is by taking CLASSES ONLY. For this, you needn’t submit work for admission and won’t be required to share your work with others (though there are plenty of opportunities to read aloud and share your work if you wish). CLASSES ONLY gives you access to the afternoon classes, as well as conference panels, readings, and receptions.

We encourage early registration for workshop participants. Places are only guaranteed for participants who have paid in full.

Please read the following instructions before clicking on the “REGISTER” link below. You will also find detailed instruction as you work through the online registration form.

How to Register

A $30.00 nonrefundable registration fee is required; we cannot process your application without it. We will apply this fee to your final bill.

We suggest paying in full upfront in order to secure your spot. We are only able to hold seats based on the registration fee for those who are selected for scholarships. The rest of the seats will be awarded based on the receipt of full payment.

The cost for the Poetry, Fiction, and Science Fiction WORKSHOPS is $625.00 (which includes all classes).

For CLASSES ONLY, the cost is $375.00.


Please note: If you are applying for a scholarship, you have the option to only pay the $30.00 registration fee at this time. After scholarship decisions have been made, you will return to the registration link below to pay the balance of your tuition. We will give you detailed instructions about how to proceed at that time. We are, however, only able to guarantee enrollment in the workshops to those selected for scholarships and applicants who have paid in full.

You do not need to submit a manuscript if you are applying for CLASSES ONLY.


Manuscript requirements

If you are applying to the Poetry Workshop, you will need to submit a poetry manuscript.

If you are registering for the Fiction and Speculative Fiction Workshops, you will need to submit a prose manuscript (i.e. short story, multiple flash pieces, novel excerpt, etc.).

Poetry manuscripts should be between 8 and 10 pages and prose manuscripts should be between 15 and 20 double-spaced pages.

All manuscripts must:

  • Have no identifying information on the manuscript itself. If they do not follow this format, they will not be read.
  • Include a header on each page of the submission, including the manuscript title and page number.
  • Use 12-point, Times New Roman font.

If you are not applying with a scholarship application, please attach a title page as a separate document with your name, e-mail, the title of your manuscript, and your selected workshop.


We have limited, merit-based scholarship funding. You may apply for a scholarship whether you are taking CLASSES ONLY or participating in a WORKSHOP. To apply, please see the scholarships page for eligibility requirements and submit the scholarship application along with your manuscript or essay.

Scholarship Application

The manuscript you submit for scholarship consideration may be the same as the manuscript you submit to the workshop, or you can submit one manuscript for scholarship consideration and a different one for workshop distribution. Please designate your preference.

Again, no identifying information should appear on the manuscript, only on the title page in a separate attachment. Otherwise, the manuscript will be disqualified.

Send all manuscripts and scholarship applications to:


Subject Line: IUWC Workshop Application or IUWC Scholarship Application

You should bring a copy of the manuscript you submit for the workshop to the conference.