(Photo of the IU Sample Gates, located on the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana)

bloomington, indiana


Nestled in the scenic southern hills of Indiana, amidst sprawling deciduous forests and local lakes, Bloomington thrums with activity. One of the most robust and active college towns in the country, Bloomington integrates its passionate student body with its local community seamlessly, from public gardens to live music to a unique panoply of ethnic food not found anywhere else in the Midwest. IU-Bloomington is one of the country’s most beautiful campuses, and we aren’t the only ones who think so: Bloomington is ranked #15 on a national scale, and for very good reason.

But presumably, even if you’re a writer, you must eat at some point.

4th Street dining


Mediterranean. Japanese. Indian. Thai. Turkish. These are but a few of the international cuisines offered along 4th street, Bloomington’s renowned site for anyone looking beyond pizza (though our very own Mother Bear’s Pizza is something of a Midwestern hallmark). Then, there’s the Irish Lion, which boasts some of the best traditional Irish-Celtic food in all of southern Indiana. For quieter, top-notch American cuisine, try Uptown Cafe, FARM, and Finch’s Brasserie. And that’s only on the dinner side of things–both Village Deli and Runcible Spoon are favorites among students for their top-notch breakfast and brunch options.

More traditional chain restaurants line Kirkwood Avenue, including Chipotle, Noodle & Co. and Potbelly’s Sandwiches.

Then, there’s coffee

Whether it’s a kick to start off your day or a local, relaxed atmosphere to work and socialize, Bloomington cafes have you covered. Soma Cafe is one of our most popular, conveniently located in the heart of town and attached to a thrift shop (Cactus Flower), a jewelry store (Moonstone) and an organic burrito joint (Laughing Planet). Right next to Soma is Pourhouse Cafe, another local Kirkwood coffeehouse with a monthly global outreach initiative based on sales.

We even have bars and a nightlife!

In order to become a writer, Bukowski postulates: “stay with the beer. / beer is continuous blood. / a continuous lover.” Bloomington, of course, is here to lend its assistance–